Welcome to Ban Krut

Being a coastal town, Ban Krut offers wide stretched white sandy beaches as long as the eyes can see.
Sunrise at the beach is worth getting up for, and the many seafood restaurants has a lot of fresh caught to offer.

Other than beaches, there are plenty of coconut plantations around in the area as this region supply the majority of the coconut production.


Ban Krut has a Tesco Lotus Express and a 7-11 as commercial stores. Other shops are provided by people living in the area. Most of the facilities you can find in Ban Krut, but if you need more extensive shopping than the neighbouring town Bang Saphan Yai is a better option. There is a daily food market in town, which runs from very early in the morning until around 8.30 am. During the weekdays markets take place offering fruits and vegetables, ready made meals and desserts, fresh caught fish and
seafood, and more. Ask us for directions if you would like to visit any of these, as the location is different depending on weekday. The Saturday market is the biggest and best of the week, which starts mid afternoon and will finish up around 7 pm. It is best to visit the market around 4-5 pm. We're buying our merchandises from the local shop owners as much as possible. Ban Krut is a small community and we do our best to support each other.

Wat Thong Chai

One of the popular attractions in the area is the temple Wat Thong Chai, located on the mountain Thong Chai (sometimes spelled Thangsai). This temple is of great importance to the Thai people. Every detail has been tastefully planned by the Royal Architect Mr. Mitunak Kasemsri and has a theme of either five or nine to mark the 50th reigning anniversary of King Rama IV. The immense golden Buddha statue, the Siri Chai, or Luang Pho Yai as the locals say, was raised in the honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit 60th birthday. Additionally, another statue of great importance, especially for the fishermen in the area, is the father of the Thai navy Krom Luang Chumphon Udom Suk. The statue is believed to watch over the fishermen from the mountain and give them good luck and safe waters during their fishing trip.

Trash heores

If you care about clean beaches and would like to make an effort, while meeting some of the locals , then joining Trash heroes is a good way of doing it.

Massage & Spa

There are plenty of massage parlours available in Ban Krut. Sawasdee massage on the same road as Kazama, offers regular thai and oil massage. Pen's massage is another popular massage parlour, however you need to book a time.
At D Varee Seaside Villa & Spa on the seaside towards Bang Saphan you can find relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments.