Welcome to Bang Saphan

Take a tour off the beaten track, and come for a visit in Bang Saphan, an undiscovered pearl on the coast of the Thai Gulf. Finding your way here is easy, you can travel by train, take the bus or fly from Bangkok. The distance to Bang Saphan is approximately 380 km from Bangkok and merely 180 km from Hua Hin. The prices are still cheap (no tourist prices) and you can explore the beautiful surroundings and attractions.


The most popular beach amongst expats is called Suan Luang and means “the Royal garden” or “the Superior garden”. The coastline is spectacular and stretches as far as the eyes can see. The beach is white and sandy and suits for families with children too.
Continuing the journey towards Ban Krut you'll find another beach line named Mae Ramphueng beach, a bit more quiet but popular amongst Thai people.

Koh Talu

A well visited attraction is the island Koh Talu, in the Gulf of Thailand just outside Bang Saphan Noi, one of the neighbouring towns. Koh Talu is proclaimed to offer one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, with surrounding turquoise and transparent water which makes this an excellent trip for those enjoying snorkeling and participate in the coral and marine life. You can jump on a boat for a day tour or stay over on the island for a night, and being picked up the following day.

Wat Tum Marong Caves

About 2 km from Suan Luang Beach and 3 km from the town Bang Saphan Yai, this temple is known for its cave. But before you get to it you will find a classical temple. Follow the small road in the forest, you will cross a shelter for abandoned dogs and a small path that leads to a smaller cave, the Ploenchit cave. At the end of the street, there is a small shrine with a Fat Buddha. The Ma Rong Cave is just behind. It is composed of several underground chambers, one in particular, the leftmost chamber was converted into a temple.

Bars & Restaurants

There are a few bars and restaurants along the beach of Suan Luang. There’s also a few restaurants a bit further back from the seaside.