Selling your property

Are you thinking about selling your property? With our experience, we've come to realise that each property and situation is unique. Our sales process is a straight forward procedure which can be explained as following:


Let's meet and greet and listen to your thoughts. Before our meeting we would like you to give your sales expectations some thoughts. What is the reason for selling your property? Is your sales price realistic in comparison to the market level? Is it an urgent sale or are you not in a rush? We'll come with feedback and if we agree on the terms, we will move on to the next step.


You can make the sales process a bit easier by having a few things in mind. Below is a short list of tips to help you get started with the preparation;

  • Any repairs should be finished before the house is shown
  • Gather all documents relating to the home for copies
  • Make sure the house is cleaned and the lawn and garden are trimmed


Once your property is prepared, we will take professional pictures of your property and if agreed to shoot a video. The material will be used for marketing purposes on our website, external websites, social media channels, and more. 


We'll take care of all the practical steps when selling your property. Like for example necessary documents, change of ownership, tax payment and money transfer.