Beautiful Thap Sakae

Thap Sakae is the neighbouring district to Bang Saphan and Prachuap Khiri Khan. Even less known to tourists and locals, this fertile landscape close to the sea has a huge potential. That is probably why some Swedish villages have been built in beautiful and relaxing Huay Yang. 

National Park

Huai Yang Waterfall National Park is a smaller protected area located at the border to Myanmar. The park covers 161 km² in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, only 36 km from the town center. The main attractions of the park are number of waterfalls.

The park is montane area with elevations between 200 to 800 meters above the sea level, an important watershed of rivers in the area. The forest habitat is part of the vast forested area extending in Myanmar, the neighbouring Lenya National Park at the other side of the border is 1761 km². Apart from few neighbouring smaller pockets of forested areas, the surrounding areas in Thai side of the border are completely deforested.


Around the area are plenty of smaller and bigger markets to visit. A well visited market is the daily market in Thap Sakae where you can find mostly food such as fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, readymade meals, spices and herbs, and desserts. Another well visited market is the market by Dansingkhon, which is just by the Myanmar border, only 15 kilometers from Prachuap city. The old markets have been removed and modern markets have been installed still retaining the Burmese charm. Timber furniture, stone jewellery and nic nacks are on offer all priced very low. 

Bars & Restaurants

There are plenty of local food restaurants in the area, and if you wish to eat more western food, head towards Huay Yang where you can find pizza's, steaks and Swedish delicacies. A few bars are emerging in the area, but it is still a quiet town, so if you're looking for a party destination, Huay Yang is not your place.